If you are looking for coronavirus resources

We are fortunate that coronavirus resources are increasing daily. I always recommend starting with the most authoritative resources. Some good places to start are listed below, however there are many more resources, assembled by key journals and leading professional and scientific organizations. US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention US Food and Drug Administration World […]

Data visualizations help us understand causes of mortality.

Data visualization tools become mainstream

We’ve come a long way from the hand drawn and photographed black and white graphs that were used to illustrate a key point in the days before computer graphics. The techies among us were the first to play with color, line and movement to make data more intriguing, entertaining, and attractive, and data visualizations have […]

NAS workshop reviews RWE

Making Real-World Evidence (RWE) Work for Kids

The increased attention given to Real-World Evidence is a welcome development The National Academies of Science held a workshop last October, “Real-World Evidence Generation and Evaluation of Therapeutics—A Workshop”, bringing together key thinkers to examine opportunities and challenges for incorporating real-world evidence into evaluation of medical products. Regulatory experts and FDA scientists followed-up with a […]

Genome EHR database

When genomic info is linked to the EHR record

We can explore associations between genes and phenotypes Genomic information plus clinical information in a large database allows us to identify genes associated with disease variants and truly begin precision medicine. In pharmacoepidemiology this will mean that we can identify patients who benefit most or are at greatest risk of an adverse event from a […]