MIE Resources – Epidemiology Consulting Services

MIE Resources provides consulting services in epidemiology, pharmacoepidemiology and communications

epidemiology consulting services

We use epidemiology to develop information about medication usage, evaluate information delivery modalities, and explore innovative ways to access and communicate medication information. Health care providers, policy makers, researchers, patients and government are some of the many stake holders requiring access to knowledge and expertise about epidemiology.

Epidemiology consulting services

Pharmacoepidemiology and epidemiology consulting services including research design, planning a study, identifying the best database, formulating the study questions, reviewing protocols, statistical analysis, systematic literature reviews, manuscript preparation, needs assessments, development of educational materials, workshops, webinars and more.

MIE Resources, founded in 2010, is a new firm, but brings 25 years of experience in epidemiology and public health.  This means that we are thoughtful adapters, enthusiastic about innovation, and knowledgeable about tried and true methods. Providing epidemiology consulting services means that we become part of your team, supplying expertise in a focused manner, helping you meet your goals.


MIE Resources is not currently active. Dr. Lasky is working full time for the US Food and Drug Administration and provides consulting services on a limited basis.

Tamar Lasky, PhD is an epidemiologist with expertise in pharmacoepidemiology, drug safety, systematic literature review, vaccine safety, food safety, pediatric medication use, health disparities, and other areas. The consulting firm is located in Maryland.

epidemiology consulting services

Image used to develop MIE Resources logo. Modeling social networks to understand how diseases spread. From Biomedical Beat, July 19, 2005, NIH Image Bank.