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Top notch information about the Ebola virus

In the fast-moving events around the current Ebola epidemic, information has been essential. Fortunately, excellent communication and information resources are available. Here’s a quick cheat sheet to find quick and reliable Ebola information.

Begin with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the government agency responsible for providing information on diseases to the public. Their Ebola information page covers Signs and Symptoms, Transmission, Risk of Exposure, Outbreaks, Prevention, Diagnosis, Treatment and specific issues Healthcare workers. There’s a chronological timeline, Clinical Guidances, and Communication Resources including factsheets, inforgraphics, Banners, Posters, Videos and more.

Ebola information - contact-tracing, from the CDC

CDC infographic on contact tracing.

The BBC website has plenty of good coverage, covering a lot of material simply and clearly. Their page includes a diagram of the virus and the infection process, a map showing where Ebola deaths have occurred and an interactive visual describing the different parts of the protective Ebola suit.

The leading medical journals provide a mix of resources that include editorials, discussions of ethics, and technical information about the status of research activities. These include The New England Journal of Medicine and JAMA, as well as the Lancet with its Ebola resource page, bringing an international perspective.