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Book Review

“What Pharmacists Need to Know About Racial and Ethnic Health Disparities”

Book review pharmacy health disparities

Great to see this thoughtful book review of “What Pharmacists Need to Know About Racial and Ethnic Health Disparities” in the American Journal of Pharmaceutical Education.

Dr. Christine Catney, of the University of Iowa College of Pharmacy reviewed the text, recommending the book.


She wrote,

Pharmacy educators who are developing materials and approaches for teaching health disparities and cultural competence topics will appreciate the author’s suggestions for assignments and learning activities. Examples of these ideas include examining census forms, preparing reports to illustrate and explain specific health disparities in detail, and generating examples from students’ pharmacy practice experiences. Several of these ideas, as well as examples provided within the text, could be transformed into small group activities for a flipped classroom approach.

Teaching about pharmacy health disparities

She also pointed out the need to cover other disparities that are affected by factors such as income, gender, age (under 18 years and 65 years and over), geographic location, sexual orientation, disability, and special or chronic care needs, and I couldn’t agree more.

There are so many issues in considering pharmacy health disparities, and the important thing is to begin the discussion. The classroom is the right place to generate lively discussion about pharmacy health disparities and the pharmacist’s role in addressing disparities. Learning about health disparities during professional training is a first step towards cultural competence and equips students to engage in these issues throughout their lives and careers.