Epidemiology consulting services

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Epidemiology Consulting Services for all things epidemiology and pharmacoepidemiology. Data, analysis, information, synthesis, research design, communications, solutions – we can help!

Research Design

  • Defining the research question and objectives
  • Matching the research question to strategy and design
  • Designing the research protocol

Statistical Analysis

Epidemiology consulting services that match statistical methods to the research question, drawing on more than 25 years of experience with SAS and related statistical software. We always believe in taking an approach that is as simple as possible, and as sophisticated as required. Simplicity is essential to the ultimate translation of study findings; sophistication is essential to scientific validity.

Systematic Literature Review and Meta-analysis

Epidemiology consulting services include developing the research question, scoping reviews, systematic literature reviews and meta-analyses to help clients:

  • Find out what’s been done
  • Identify research gaps
  • Refine research questions
  • Assess medication efficacy and safety

All reviews use explicit protocols to identify and collect publications and documents, extract information, and synthesize results in an objective, replicable manner.

Strategic Thinking, Needs Assessment

Services include strategic thinking, and design, conduct and synthesis of needs assessments.

Training, Conferences and Workshops

Training in systematic literature reviews for your staff, workshops on pharmacoepidemiology, training in teaching about racial and ethnic health disparities, or topics of your choice.

Communications, Content Development, Social Media

Will help develop communication strategies, deploy social media and develop content to disseminate scientific findings, including assistance with manuscript preparation.