What, precisely, is the precision medicine initiative?

First of all, it’s a big deal, high on President Obama’s agenda and with its own page on the White House Web Site Near term goals One immediate goal of the Precision Medicine Initiative will be to significantly expand efforts in cancer genomics to create prevention and treatment successes for more cancers. But the long […]

learning health system

The Learning Health Care System

Two meetings in one week with a strong emphasis on the learning health care system – an indication that ideas are taking hold. At ISPOR 2015 The first plenary session, ‘Taking stock of the learning health care system: What have we achieved and why does it matter?” highlighted the issue with four speakers, two from […]


The challenge of pediatric Patient Reported Outcomes (PROs)

Think about it. We want to know how the child experiences his or her illness and therapies, and we can just ask, right? Well, some children are too young to even understand or respond to questions, infants and young toddlers, others go through a “no” stage and answer “no” to every question, and others may […]

measles vaccine 020715

The current measles outbreak and the importance of vaccines

An unnecessary, completely avoidable outbreak of Measles in the United States. First, the science. Measles vaccination protects against measles.  The measles vaccine, and so many other vaccines, are some of the biggest successes in public health, leading to almost 100% decreases in the incidence of a wide range of fatal and disabling infectious disease.   […]

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