A Visual Medical Dictionary

With the Chi Visual Medical Dictionary, you can enter a disease or therapy and find all the terms it is related to, and retrieve a visualization of those relationships.  For example, this is the image retrieved using the term “epilepsy”.

Storytelling to Communicate Information and Motivate Patients

The New York Times (February 10, 2011) covered the report of a randomized clinical trial in Annals of Internal Medicine suggesting that a storytelling intervention produced substantial and significant improvements in blood pressure in African-Americans with uncontrolled hypertension. The intervention consisted of 3 DVDs containing patient stories, and blood pressure measurements were taken at 3, […]

A Health Information Website Aimed at Children

The Great Ormond Street Hospital in England runs a website, Children First for Health. It has separate sections for Juniors (age 4 to 6), Kids (7 to 11) and Teens (12 to 18), as well as a section for parents. The Body Tour lets kids click on a body part or bone and learn more […]

From Zhang et al 2010 - Quintiles of Performance on HEDIS Measures of the Quality of Drug Prescribing 2007

Geographic Variation in Prescribing Practices

The authors used HEDIS quality measures, and mapped them by hospital referral region. The map above shows variation in quality of prescribing high-risk drugs (medications considered to be high-risk for the elderly), and the map below shows variation in prescribing drugs with potentially harmful drug-disease interactions. NEJM November 2010

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